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Sugar Detox 14-Day Challenge

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The video below explains a lot about how our minds work. Watch it, thinking about how the 3 behavior drivers in your brain interact to keep your sugar habit going.



I recommend using a writing journal or a free account at to document your challenges and victories on your Sugar Detox journey. This will keep you aware and motivated along the way. Answer the following questions in your journal:

  • What sugar sources give you the most problems every week? Examples are Grain-based desserts (cake, pie, cookies), Dairy-based desserts (ice cream, pudding, cheesecake), Candy, Yeast breads, or Soda/energy/sports drinks.

  • Thinking about the sugar sources you named, how do you get it most of the time? For example, you buy or make it at home, someone else buys it/make it)? If it is someone else, name who it is and the circumstances.
  • Thinking about your problem sugar sources, what are the most common reasons you give yourself for eating them?
  • What problems are sugar and your current way of thinking about it causing in your life?
  • Why is it critical that you detox from sugar right now? How is it interfering with the life experience you want?


Click the link to open the articles - they will give you food for thought regarding the Assignment questions:

Course Structure

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1. Ready: How do you do Sugar?

In this lesson, you'll explore what sugar items cause problems, where you get most of the sugar in your life, and what roles sugar fulfills in your life.

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2. Aim: Sugar Detox Guidelines and Goals

This lesson covers the challenge guidelines and gives you resources for meeting them the next 14 days.

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3. Fire: Changing your Sugar Relationship

In this lesson, you'll discover how to make adjustments in your routine and rewards whenever you get the cue to eat sugar so that you can respond differently.