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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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Never Surrender

When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, one word is going to make the difference in whether you succeed or not: persistence. Persistence is simply promising yourself that you will never give up.

When I made up my mind that last time that I was going to lose weight no matter what, it seemed that everything fell into place. I’m not saying that it was always easy, but I had confidence that I was not going to give up on myself no matter how many times I stumbled.

As long as I gave myself an “out” and treated my health casually, then my mind became pre-occupied with going back to my old habits. I’d tell myself that it was too hard, that I didn’t like vegetables, I didn’t like to exercise, etc. Pretty soon, I was headed towards “quitsville.”

But once I made my mind up that I wasn’t going to quit, then I felt relief. I knew even if I felt like quitting, I wasn’t going to. Then, my mind became pre-occupied with finding ways to ensure that I wouldn’t quit. It was all a matter of focus. I started looking for healthy foods that I enjoyed, activities that were fun, and pleasurable ways to reward myself. I created a cycle of joy. Once I committed to enjoying the process, then sticking with it became easy.

Today, make up your mind that you will never surrender on your way to better health. Don’t be double-minded. Once you decide that you want to live life in a body that is a blessing to you, not a burden then start looking for ways to make your desire real. Make it fun. If you do that, then you will achieve that desire sooner than you think.