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Backup of Healthy Weight Loss * God’s Way

What is Obesity Costing You?

Plus-size clothing costs 10-15% more than standard sized clothing

Overeating adds $498 to the average family’s grocery bill

Carrying just 10% of excess weight can cost you between $2,000 and $5,300 in future health care costs more than someone at a standard weight
Diabetes maintenance costs can add up to $1,600 per year.

Diabetes complications like eyesight deterioration or amputations cost up to another $9,400

Stroke rehabilitation can cost you up to $26,000

Heart disease that leads to open heart surgery can cost you up to $60,000

And the emotional costs…

Negative body image
Diminished energy
Increased stress due to physical discomfort
Potential lost career opportunities
Danger of poor health habits passed on to future generations, putting them at risk of disease

It is not too late to change your story and impact generations.

As long as you have breath, you have hope.

You can take steps now to prevent these negative outcomes.

Imagine the joy of feeling good in your body again, enjoying your family and passing on a legacy of good health to them.

Serving as a good example for your loved ones.

Showing them what is possible when you have the blessing of good health.