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"Lord, why can't I stop overeating?" 

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Eating is your comfort when life stresses you out. 
  • You struggle with night-time eating. Sometimes you even eat in secret.
  • You start out well on a diet, see little or no results, then give up and go back to your old habits. You feel frustrated and discouraged.
  • You worry about failure, not daring to hope because you fear you'll only end up back where you started. 
  • You want to see your body as a healthy temple, with strength to serve the Lord, but are beginning to doubt if it will ever happen.

Why Another Diet Isn't the Answer

If you haven't been able to stick with a diet, it is not your fault.

The problem starts with what diets miss.

When starting a diet, have you ever thought secretly: ''I'll eat this way until I lose weight, then I'll go back to eating my old way''?

That, my friend, is the Diet Mentality in action!

You see, diets focus on the outside-in; that's why they fail. 

Even though the diet works on the outside, they cannot change someone's heart and mind on the inside.

People always return to where their hearts and minds really are.

That is why you can lose weight, but gain it all back.

However, God’s way to change is inside-out; He knows the REAL battle is within us.

But guess what? So are His blessings!

In His word, you'll find wisdom for managing your emotions, handling stress, and making wise choices with food.

You'll finally overcome anxiety, excessive stress, lack of motivation, food obsession, and the self-sabotage that stands in the way of reclaiming your health - and your life.

It's Time for your Turnaround

Hi, I'm Kimberly Taylor, a Certified Christian Life Coach, Amazon best-selling author of The Weight Loss Scriptures, and creator of the Take Back Your Temple Christian weight loss program.

I know the diet roller-coaster well. I was once 240 pounds and a size 22.


It seemed that no matter what diet I tried, I always ended up frustrated and feeling like a failure.

Then one day, a crushing chest pain brought me to my knees. I was only 38 at the time, but I felt old.

And in the silence after that extreme pain, God spoke to me: “It is not supposed to be this way.”

But His voice wasn't condemning. It was full of compassion and love.

Was God trying to tell me that the key to lasting change was in renewing my mind?

I was an emotional eater and had listened to the enemy's lies for far too long. 

But I wondered: ''What if I learned to trust God with my emotions so that food could regain its proper place in my life?''

That's what I learned to do. With wisdom from God's word, I lost 85 pounds, dropping from a size 22 to a size 8; that was over 14 years ago.

You see, I learned my body is important not because of how it looks, but whom it contains.

Love is your motivator for change, not condemnation


Introducing the Take Back Your Temple
Christian Weight Loss Program

Through the Take Back Your Temple program, you'll get stronger in Spirit, soul, and body through our online courses, plus get support from others who can relate to your struggles in our private Facebook Christian weight loss community.

If you struggle with body image, eating issues, and are fed up with the world's system of basing your worth upon your weight, then Take Back Your Temple is for you. 

In the online courses, you'll learn Biblical-based principles that show you how to turn your weight issues over to God and respect your body as His temple.

The mind is the battlefield and through the program, you get ample wisdom, guidance, and weapons to effectively defeat the enemy at his game and renew your mind with the truth.

You'll develop friendships, gain and give support, and walk in victory and freedom with others. Knowing that they pray for you as you pray for them is inspiring!

Sharing the struggle with fellow sisters and brothers in Christ helps lighten your load like nothing else can.

How Take Back Your Temple Helps you
Release what is Weighing you Down


Live Monthly online group sessions and regular postings from Kimberly Taylor in the private Facebook support group gets your questions answered and helps you stay focused and consistent in resolving your eating issues; she walks the walk with you!


Tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and prayer of over 1,000 like-minded Christians in our private support group, who are committed to overcoming emotional eating issues and reaching the best weight for them.


Gain instant access to our Online Course library to help you grow Spiritually, heal emotionally and reach the best weight for you.

Courses include:

  • Get over 14 hours of audio training on getting your prayers answered through the dynamic course, 'Secrets to Always Answered Prayer.'
  • You also get the Sugar Detox Challenge Supporting Scriptures on audio for motivation.

Within the course lessons, you also get downloadable companion guides and checklists, including:

  • The 5 Core Habits of Successful Weight Loss
  • Your Stress Assessment
  • Overcoming Stress Plan
  • Sugar Detox Challenge Guidelines
  • Sugar Detox Challenge Supporting Scriptures
  • The Feel Good Meal Plan

Gain instant access to 70 online devotional messages (with more to come) including:

  • The Weight Loss Scriptures Devotionals

With 30 devotionals, you will receive encouragement, support, and strength to help you reach your ideal weight - and maintain it for life.

  • The Anxiety Relief Scriptures Devotionals

Is anxiety destroying your peace? It doesn't have to! With these 30 devotionals, you can learn to live every day with security, faith, and confidence through a Godly perspective on life's challenges.

  • Smart Steps to Weight Loss

Are you overwhelmed with how to start with reaching the best weight for you? This series contains 10 tips that will help you take a ‘smart step’ approach to your best weight, which will fill you with energy and confidence. Best of all, time works for you – not against you.


You can always access your resources through your Member Dashboard and download to your device.


All things are possible through Christ -
Yes, even lasting weight loss


"In the course of a year, I have lost 30 plus pounds...I feel empowered, peaceful, determined..."

Take Back Your Temple has helped change my life forever. Not only that, but for the first time ever, I also asked and trusted God to help me. I always thought that exercise and losing weight was something I had to do and never included God in the process. Take Back Your Temple changed all of that for me. In the course of a year, I have lost 30 plus pounds and though I still have a ways to go to get to my goal weight, I feel empowered, peaceful, determined, and I have absolute faith that I will get there. For the Word of God reminds us that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. I thank God every day for Kimberly Taylor and the fantastic, awesome encouragement and support that I receive on a daily basis from the Take Back Your Temple Community.

Christine McGruder


"I’m proud to say that I am down 49 lbs..No longer diabetic..."

“I bless God for leading me here and for the shed pounds along the way. I’m proud to say that I am down 49 lbs...My visit with my doctor in October of 2015 proved that diabetes can be reversed. She said, 'Your A1C was excellent. You are NO LONGER DIABETIC, I will have to see you every six months only.' That was music to my ears.”

Maire Crowley


"I have lost almost 50 lbs by learning to turn my weight issues over to God who helps me resist the enemy... "

Take Back Your Temple has been such a blessing in my life! The program that Kimberly Taylor runs is based on sound Biblical principles that have been easy to understand and apply to my life. I have been a member for a long time now and have lost almost 50 lbs by learning to turn my weight issues over to God who helps me resist the enemy...By being a member of TBYT I have developed friendships, gained and given support to others, grown deeper in my walk with God, and developed habits that I know will see me one day walking in victory and freedom!

Teresa Wilson



   Get instant access to:

  • Group coaching in our private Facebook group with Certified Christian Life Coach and weight loss success story Kimberly Taylor
  • Motivational peer-to-peer support with our private group of over 1,000 Christians who are committed to overcoming emotional eating issues and reaching the best weight for them
  • 31-day Feel Good Meal plan
  • Online video courses to help you lose weight, manage stress, and break sugar addiction
  • A combined 16 hours of video and audio training in our online courses 
  • 70 devotional messages (with more to come) to keep you motivated and inspired on on your weight loss journey
  • Downloadable companion guides and checklists to help you stay focused and consistent
  • 24/7 access to all materials online
  • Learn at your pace and your convenience

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    You are a Believer in Christ and believe that good health is vital for your family, for energy to share the gospel, and to fulfill your calling in Him
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    You are ready to become stronger in mind, body, and Spirit
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    You are sick and tired of being sick and tired
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    You believe you can change according to God's word
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    You feel comfortable taking online courses, navigating websites and/or using digital technology

it's not for you if...

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    You are not a Believer in Christ and/or don't believe that good health is essential to your purpose; you are content to sit on life's sidelines
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    You want another diet or weight loss "quick fix"
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    You are willing to tolerate low energy, depression or anxiety
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    You don't believe you can change and are doomed to stay where you are
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    You don't feel comfortable taking online courses, navigating websites and/or using mobile devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to lose weight?

What can I eat?

What if I want to follow another eating plan?

Do I have to join the private Facebook support group to succeed in the program?

 What makes Take Back Your Temple different from other weight loss programs?

Will I lose access to the program if my computer crashes or my device dies?

What happens after I join?

Become Everything God Wants you to Be


"I Am thankful - it was the right choice... "

It is almost 5 years since I decided to take care of myself. My online search led me to you and your whole body program, body, soul and spirit. I am thankful – it was the right choice for me…So thank you again for all the emails you sent me those weeks during my glory days of taking back my temple, feasting on the Word and small steps to losing weight.”

Sue Ellis

One of the greatest blessings the Lord gave us is the ability to choose. So right now, you have a choice:

1. Do nothing. Continue the same negative cycle of:

  • Using food as your comfort
  • Eating in secret
  • An endless cycle of quick weight loss diets, but never getting anywhere.
  • Feeling frustrated and discouraged
  • Having that gnawing feeling that you could be living better than you are, but are missing out on the abundant life God wants you to have.

- OR-

2. You can become a Take Back Your Temple member and get stronger in Spirit, Soul, and Body as you follow the principles and receive support from a community who understands your struggles intimately.  


  • What if you never had to start or fail another diet again?
  • What if you could finally find freedom outside the never-ending cycle weight gain and disappointment?
  • What if the secret to losing weight and keeping it off was waiting inside your Bible all along?

Remember, your body is important not because of how it looks, but whom it contains. You have the Greater One living within you. Rebuild your body through God's strength and make it healthy to serve Him.

Join the other Christians finding weight loss freedom through Biblical teachings inside the Take Back Your Temple membership program. 

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Satisfaction guaranteed

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