Simply put, “We are here!” | Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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Simply put, “We are here!”

Heavenly Father, how great you are and how wonderful it is to have you in our lives. 

As we have showered or bathe this morning and start the day fresh and anew, so do we in the spirit.
As we stepped outside of our home, our comfort zone to effect a better and profitable day as Christ Jesus had stepped out of his comfort zone and done so on our behalf, so do we in the spirit that we might help others in the most trying area(s) of their lives. 

Once again we thank you for all things and especially for forgiving us of our sins, even now.  Continue to shower us with your love which is able to both cleanse us spiritually and naturally. 

Horton heard a “Who”!  You have heard us; your people, your who! 

For “WE ARE HERE!” and we sing praises unto you; that’s “Who”!