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Small Step 6: Smart Fat Burning

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  • brittany says:

    I love these small steps I’ve already expierenced weight loss, and I feel closer to God by doing things his way. I do have one question though, my mornings get started at a diffrent time each day depending what time I have to work and what tasks I have to do before hand (plus it’s summer break!) Is there a time amount between breakfast and lunch should I take the first snack? please let me know soon so I can continue on the wonderful journey.

    • kimf says:

      Hi Brittany – great question about the duration between breakfast and the first snack. I’ve found that I typically get hungry for the first snack about 3 hours after breakfast. I’ve learned the proper amount to eat so that I get hungry about every 3 hours. But don’t get hung up on the numbers. Remember, this is not about living a diet but about living your life. Make adjustments as you need to in order for good health to be a lifestyle that works for you 🙂

  • Melody says:

    Your wonderful. What a dear sister in Christ. I have found you at such a needy time in my life. you are a breath of fresh air. thank you Lord & bless my sister. I am on day 11 of small steps & took the dog for a walk (& some jogging) after work today….felt great. I am encouraged during a trying time. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  • Beth Hobson says:

    I have made it to step 11 and feel good about the days past. My energy level is out of this world. I get ansy just sitting, I have to have something to do, which is so different than from just 2 weeks ago when I could just lay on the couch, couldnt keep my eyes open at work. Now I just want to move. I do have a question about the snacks, I have been doing good with my eating, minus one day where I slipped and ate more than I should have, but I didnt over eat to a point of being to much, just should have stopped about 3 bites before. Im doing the tea, but the snacks Im not sure about. If I eat breakfast at 7:30 or so usually an egg with a piece of wheat cheese toast, Im usually not hungry for a snack and hold off til lunch. Will doing without the snacks hold me back?

    • kimf says:

      Hi Beth,

      Congratulations on making it to Day 11! Regarding your question about the snacks. Everybody is different so if you are not hungry mid-morning and are fine until Lunch then you can certainly leave out the snack. Listen to your body. As long as your energy level stays up and you feel good about what you are doing, then stay with it.

      God bless you!


  • Andrea says:

    Eating mindfully is the hardest one for me!!! I catch myself about half way through my food realizing that I didn’t eat mindfully. This is still one for me to work on in prayer. I know this will kick the portion control in the butt, but until then, I will continue to overeat. Please God help me.

  • Peggy says:

    The past two days have been hard to follow this routine. I have noticed if I let go one day I loose motivation. But thankfully I have your page bookmarked because it reminds me to come back.

  • Becky Jane says:

    I like eating almonds for my snack, I’ve been eating 5 at a time, but now I’ll eat one at a time and really enjoy the crunch and flavor. Like others have said, these small steps are encouraging and fun to do. You have certainly been inspired it what you’re presenting to us. Thanks and happy Tuesday!

  • pamela, Georgia says:

    I am doing these steps it is very hard for me because of my early getting up in the morinings and working 2 jobs. I am putting effort in doing the steps. Thanks for all the information that is availabe to me. God is awesome in all the strength He have given me. I know with Him I can accomplish anything that is put before me and I know I will win the weight issue I have. Thanks Pamela

  • Shawna says:

    Have been trying to eat all meals mindfully, has been going pretty well… will also add this step today… It seems easier for me to do 2-3 closely related steps together on my days off, practice them so they come more easily at my busy job. It worked well for me last week, helped me really get through my workdays without throwing out the whole plan. I didn’t get to take lunch/supper at work on Sunday, but was still able to eat mindfully and portion control when I got home, so I think that counts for something! So today, I am going to have a mid-morning snack, taken mindfully with green tea and lemon juice!

  • Susan says:

    Time away from work, like this long holiday weekend is helpful in changing habits, mindful eating and portion control. I tend to eat breakfast late, no matter when I wake up so the mid morning snack will actually be easier when I’m working and up earlier. I may have to change my routine a bit to eat mindfully in the morning, since I tend to pack my breakfast and eat when I get to work. This will be a challange, but perhaps having a mid morning snack to look forward to might make it easier to eat earlier. I always fear that if I eat too early, I’ll be hungry way before lunchtime. I have walked this journey of trying to lose weight many times in the past. Walking it with Jesus brings great peace, comfort and courage. I’m not obesessing about the scale or if I eat a small ice cream or just have a not so healthy day of eating. I am able to just put it behind me and move ahead. Day 12, I have lost about 3 lbs and that is progress. Looking forward to more dependance on Him and growing in faith.

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