19: Sweet Sleep

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  • Beth says:

    struggling on this 19th day. My emotions are ” I WANT TO JUST EAT”. Didnt do so well with my breakfast, no protien at all. Im struggling also with the Green Tea part of my mid morning. I just cannont aqquire a taste for it at all. I have tried drinking it cold, hot, sweetened, unsweetened, with OJ, without OJ and at all different times. I know you cant help my taste buds like it, but is there an alternative to drinking the green tea?

    • kimf says:

      Hi Beth – Thanks for your post! When you say “I want to just eat” is it physical hunger that is driving you or is it emotional. If you are physically hunger, then EAT. You want to be sure that you are eating enough to give your body the nutrients you need to stay healthy. If you are eating for emotional reasons, then you need to identify the emotion and then think of solutions to deal with them. My free emotional eating report can help with that (see my home page).

      As for the green tea – if you don’t like it, then don’t force yourself to drink it. You want a win/win situation – good tasting food that is good for you. Try herbal teas such as ginger or cinnamon tea. Both of those spices are thought to provide either a metabolism boosting or blood sugar regulating effect. Just sweeten with Stevia instead of sugar. Let me know how that works out.

  • Andrea says:

    I am doing much better on portion control and mindful eating. This really took a lot of practice and I can’t say that I am perfect, but doing better overall.

  • Vickie says:

    Started the 90 day challenge (God’s Word Is Food) yesterday. Excited about having more of God’s word in me . Portion control and mindful eating is not doing well. I write down what I am going to eat for the day and then when I fix the food the amount that I put on my plate is to much. I don’t seem to realize it until after I eat and feel to full. I must remember, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

  • Vickie says:

    Also I see using that 10 min. to be in God’s Word.

  • I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m pretty much sticking to the regimen. Sunday I got kinda lazy, didn’t do my stretches or exercise. Portion control has become pretty easy considering I only eat a salad for lunch, or a yogurt. The protein snack during mid morning helps. I eat an apple with peanut butter. I think consistency is the important key factor here. I did pretty good last night for dinner with portion control. I ate a salad with chicken nuggets. I did have to many chicken nuggets though. I’ve pretty much cut out sweet drinks. In the morning I have my protein drink, mixed with OJ, and some fruit. I went out and bought some beans for my protein also.

  • Shawna says:

    Busy week! okay, so I read one of the Scriptures of Weight Loss this weekend (I have been so busy it was really a blur) that discussed being kind with yourself and plan ahead to help yourself succeed. I LOVE that! So yesterday, I had by protein rich breakfast, packed two batches of green tea and some water, and packed fresh fruits and veggies finger foods with a cheese stick, some almonds, and a protein drink to for a “spend the whole day in the car” kinda day, with multiple appointments. I ate these foods mindfully, even in the car. It really worked well! I was hungry all day, though. Trying to figure out if it was not enough healthy fat with my snacks, or not quite enough protein, or possibly the stevia in my green tea. Or maybe it was just truly the extra energy it takes to run all day!

    As for this step… I have been using this one quite a bit, but not with seconds as much. I’m not usually wanting seconds. It’s usually over a snack, or sweets. Usually it feeling passes, especially if I drink some water or green tea during that 10 minutes. I like this plan, and am still transforming my mind each day. I am losing inches and pounds, and one way that I am seeing victory is that I can push away a plate with food on it and feel less guilty. I am definitely tearing up my membership card to the Unofficial Clean Plate Club, thank you Jesus!

    • Kim T says:

      Hi Shawna – Just want to thank you so much for your faithfulness in post! I have really been blessed by reading about your progress and I know that others have too. I’m glad to hear also that you are seeing positive results in inches and pounds lost. It may take time to reach your goal but as the old saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race!” May God continue to bless you on this journey and Happy 4th of July holiday!

  • susan says:

    I haven’t noticed second helpings being a problem in the past, but through this journey God has made me more aware of the habits in my life that need to change. I will be aware of this and see if this is an area that needs a change. These last couple of weeks have been full of activity, so mindful eating is not always present but it is at least with one meal a day. Just being aware of it daily has been helpful. Stepping down from eating in the livingroom at night has had some success, but this is a very strong habit I do without even thinking most of the time. Dinners in the livingroom are mostly gone and I’m grateful for that! The mid moring snack really helps to keep me fuller through the day. I have not noticed huge changes in my weight or inches, but I feel great physically and mentally. I am not obsessing over the scale but I am making changes that I know will result in a change in my weight. It was so inspiring at the beging to read that “it didn’t come on over night, so it won’t come off over night” My son’s wedding is in December and I would like to be down 20 lbs by then. I think that is doable with this support and God’s presence.

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