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Smart Steps Challenge – Finish Line

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  • Andrea says:

    I already take a cinnamon supplement that is in a capsule and I can open and add to my food. I take 4000mg daily and it has chromium as well. I have to say that I have tried the hot stuff added to my food and I am not a hot food person. I actually put wayyy too much hot sauce on my food tonight and my mouth was on fire. I will try to add the red pepper flakes sometimes, but this may be a step that I avoid for the most part. Cinnamon however is no problem. I am more a sweets person than anything else anyway.

  • Becky Jane says:

    Since getting older, I’ve gained a certain dislike to cinnamon…maybe it’s time to reincorporate back inot my diet!

  • ooh, I just love the idea with the almond milk, honey, and cinnamon sticks. I have all 3 ingredients in my home to. I’m going to try that this evening.

  • Shawna says:

    Since I had read ahead, I added cinnamon to my morning coffee. I am very sensitive to breads and sweets, so I don’t have a lot of theses foods. I do find my blood sugars responding very well! I’m not diabetic, but my energy levels and moods are much more stable when I make careful choices about which carbs to eat and add this cinnamon. I think I will start sprinkling my yogurt, and it sounds like a great time to add back baked sweet potatoes! I love them, but had just not been adding them to my shopping list. I’m gonna get more creative too– I’m sure there’s other foods I can sneak it into!

  • Cyndy Smith says:

    Hi Kimberly, I’m finding your program encouraging and so timely for me. I like to research before jumping in something and I’m a bit confusing with a term you are using as it seems more zen and christian. Can you please explain “mindful eating” in the program. Thank you so very much!

    • Hi Cyndy,

      Thanks for writing. Many people eat distracted or zone out while they are eating. Because of not paying attention to what they are doing, they end up eating too much. So there is no special practice – just merely means paying attention while you are eating.

  • Sherrie Price says:

    Plain Greek yogurt parfait with cut up apples, maybe a dizzle of honey, a little bit of crunchy cereal, (I use Kashi) and ….. top with CINNAMON. Delish!!

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