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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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The Prayer that Changes Everything

This morning after my prayer time, God revealed a remarkable thing to me.

He told me the true meaning of the name “Take Back Your Temple.”

God gave me the name about a year after I started my own Christian weight loss journey. At the time and since then, I always thought of the name as just a challenge to people of faith to take back their bodies, health, and lives.

But He told me that I was wrong. “Take Back Your Temple” is a prayer.

The name is meant as an individual’s cry unto Him. It is asking God to take control of your body and your life so He can use them for His purpose and agenda.

It is the submission of your will to His will. You recognize that your body is God’s temple and invite Him in to care for it as such.

You don’t live out of your own strength. You live from His.

So if you are struggling with your weight right now, then simply ask God to: “Take Back Your Temple.”

If you are struggling with destructive habits, simply pray to the Lord in the midst of it: “Take Back Your Temple.”

If you are struggling with fear, doubt, depression, stress, worry, or anxiety then invite God into the situation: “Take Back Your Temple.”

I believe that if you pray that simple, powerful four-word prayer with a sincere heart and persistence, then it will be answered.

It will be answered based on God’s word that our bodies are His temples, and we therefore are to glorify Him in our bodies and in our spirits (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

May you take this message to heart, apply it in your own life, and forever be blessed in health, wealth and wisdom!

  • Patricia Kennedy says:

    The first day I signed up for “Take Back Your Temple my computer
    was out of black ink. The “Take Back Your Temple Declaration” and the “Seven Steps to Overcoming Emotional Eating” papers
    are hard to read as the ink seems to be fading. Would it be possible for these two articles to be posted on my email.

    Thank you

  • kimf says:

    Hi Pat,

    Glad you found the information helpful! I will be happy to email that on over to you. Look for it in your email.


  • Kathy says:

    My friend Phyllis just told me about your website. It lines up with what the Lord has been speaking to me, nudging me in this direction, , that my body is his temple. This gives me hope. We serve a mighty and loving God that cares for each and every one of us. Thank you! Kathy

  • Beth morris says:

    My sisterFrances saw you on 700 club and e-mailed the program to us. There is four of us sisters with a combined weight of about 1050 lbs. We re Christians but cannot seem to get it together. We are the queens of starting and stopping weight programs.

    Thank you for sharing, you’ve given us the boost we need to get up again. We don’t have a lot of money so to get something from the hand of God feels wonderful. Most people with something good sell it to you. Keep us in prayer; you know how being overweight and out of control feels.


  • Kim says:

    I have another type of problem. I have quit smoking a whole bunch of times but continue to pick it back up.

    I will say this prayer and believe this will be time I will be able to stay away from them forever.

    I also struggle with weigth (extra 20 lbs) I yoyo diet alot. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Dee says:

    I have a hard time believing that god wants the best for me. I have talked to god and I know doesn’t here me. Because i have ask him to take trhis man out of my life that is wrong and with no prevail he stills controls me. i to want to take my life back.

    • kimf says:

      Hi Dee, it takes real courage to tell the truth about what you are going through and I applaud you for deciding that you want your life back. Fear should never be part of a relationship. Healthy relationships are built on trust, each person feeling safe mentally, emotionally, and physically. Obviously, you do not feel safe with this man. And you deserve to feel safe in your own home.

      You didn’t say if this man’s controlling behavior is through physical violence, but verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse are just as bad.

      Your first priority is safety and you can’t do this alone. Please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE (7233) to get support. It is free. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Assistance is available in English and Spanish. A counselor can put you in touch with someone locally who can give you the resources you need so that you can feel safe again.

      Also, educate yourself about domestic violence so that you can break the cycle. You can do a Google search on the term.

      Again, getting to a safe place is your first step in taking your life back.

      You said God did not hear your prayer. Yes he did, but he didn’t answer it the way you thought he would. He brought you to this website and has opened a door for you to seek help from people ready and willing to assist you. It is up to you to step through that door to freedom.

      God’s word says that he wants you to prosper and be in health as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2). The relationship that you are in is not healthy, therefore it is not God’s best for you. You did not say if this man is your husband, but even if he is your husband, God does not call women to live with a man who is abusing them. He calls us to peace.

      Dee, I pray that you go through the door that God is opening for you. He has made a way for you. But you have to take the first step in believing him.

      God bless you!

  • INGRID says:

    My husband of 40 years will not give me a penny, yet hhe is taking care of another family. He has had numerous affairs verbally, mentally abuse me. he sleeps out , yet comes home 2 0r 3 in AM. When is enough enough?

    • Kim T says:

      Hi Ingrid – I feel the deep pain in your post and I’m praying for you. It sounds like your husband doesn’t know Jesus because the bible commands a man to love his wife as Christ loves the church (see Ephesians 5:25). So abuse is not part of that. You asked me: “When is enough enough?” For me, it would have been enough a long time ago and I would have separated myself from abuse until my husband got the help he needs. But this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU. You are saying a lot about your husband but I haven’t heard anything about you. You empower the person that you blame. You are saying that you don’t have any power and that is not true. You have the power of choice. Here is a resource for overcoming emotional abuse: And if you don’t yet know God through a personal relationship with Jesus, you can learn more here: God bless you and comfort you with His love today!

  • Merna Fuller says:

    That is so awesome I needed to here those words because I am that person that is going thru that situation.

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