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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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The Weight Loss Scriptures Book

weight-loss-scriptures-look-insideLosing focus with your weight loss program? With the The Weight Loss Scriptures daily devotional, you’ll gain the motivation you need to become a weight loss success story. Now available in Paperback.Learn more about the God's Word is Food daily devotional

  • NIKME S C MOMIN says:

    In Jesus’ precious name, all praises to God in the highest! Indeed blessed, to have discovered this webpage. I pray to be down by 12 kgs very soon…. henceforth till the last day of my life on this earth. I am 40 years and presently weigh 62 kgs and 5ft 4 inch tall. I would, once again offer my body to the Almighty God as HIS own temple. I pray to control my appetite every single moment of every day of my life and focus on God’s strength and His desire for me and my family… God’s abundance to you! Amen. Be a Blessing always!

  • Ralph Smith says:

    Having trouble controling blood sugars. Do you have any advice for diebetics

  • Eric Head says:

    I need to lose weight it is causing me depression

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