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Always Moving Forward Progress Movement Road 3d IllustrationTeam Purpose

The Track Team is a subgroup of the Take Back Your Temple Facebook group and helps its members establish their own healthy weight loss eating pattern.

Because consistency is the key to results, the goal is to support you in learning from any daily obstacles that get in the way.

Member Qualifications

Potential members would need to complete a short application to join in most cases. All Track Team slots are filled currently. Please contact Kimberly Taylor via private message if you are interested in applying for the team.

To maximize your success potential, we want to ensure your mindset is one where:

  • You want to change
  • You believe you can change
  • You have a strong WHY to change
  • You are willing to track for accountability

If the team fills up, qualified candidates will be added to the Wait List.

Member Commitment

  • The maximum time a member can be on the Track Team is 3 months.
  • Our goal is for each member to become self-accountable – able to keep themselves on track without outside accountability.
  • The membership timeframe is short because we want as many TBYT members to benefit as possible.
  • Members must set at least 1 positive (I will vs. I will not) daily behavioral eating goal for themselves. Possible examples could be:
  • “I will eat a minimum of 3 servings of vegetables per day.”
  • “I will drink ½ of my body weight in ounces of water each day.”
  • “I will eat a protein-rich snack at 7:00 pm as my last meal of the day.”

You should set a goal that you have a 50% chance or higher of succeeding; if the odds of not reaching the goal is below that, you need to set a more modest goal that you can be confident about.

  • Once the member establishes a goal to strive for, you must also think about the “track” (plan) you will follow to reach it. Some things you need to think through include:
  • Do I have what I need to succeed with this goal?
    • For example, if your goal is to eat 3 vegetable serving a day, you need to ensure you have vegetables in the house and know how you will prepare them.
    • If the goal is to drink water, then do you have a water bottle you can keep with you so drinking is convenient? If you don’t like water, what natural flavor can you add to make it more palatable?
    • If the goal is to make the last meal of the day at 7:00 pm with a protein snack, do you know what snacks you like and will use? Do you know how you will spend those hours after 7:00 p.m so that food will not tempt you?

As the old saying goes: “You cannot conquer what you will not confront.”