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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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Unlocking the Greatness in Your DNA

In the following article, guest author and Christian health coach Kiesha Easley shares simple, healthy steps that can help you manage your emotions and unlock the greatness in your DNA.

Christian author and Health Coach Kiesha Easley

Kiesha Easley is an educator, author and Christian health coach. She struggled with chronic fatigue and her weight for years. Finally, in 2017, she lost 75 pounds naturally. She became so inspired to help others that she wrote Worth the Weight to share her story and reveal the strategies she used. Connect with Kiesha at: www.kieshaeasley.com.


Did you know that God embedded greatness in your genes? Most of us already know that our genes can put us at risk for certain diseases, but we rarely talk about the potential to unlock the greatness in our genes!

When we provide our bodies with the right foods, get enough sleep, hydration and spiritual fulfillment, it allows our temple to operate at its highest capacity.

It allows us to walk in wholeness as God intended.

In John 5:5-9, Jesus asked the man who had been ill for 38 years if he wanted to “get well” or “be made whole.” Instead of immediately giving a positive reply, the man instead gave an excuse.

He was waiting on someone else to do something for him rather than take the initiative on his own. Jesus may have been frustrated when he told the man to pick up his mat and walk.

How often do we do the same thing and make excuses such as I would try to lose weight, but I don’t have a gym membership… I would eat healthier food, but it’s too expensive… I would start exercising, but… 

In other words, when confronted with taking control of our health, we often point to something outside of ourselves. But the truth is, everything we need to get healed and made whole is already inside us.

Our healing starts the moment we decide we will take no more excuses from ourselves. It’s starts the moment we decide we will, indeed, be made whole!

What if being made whole and finally getting the victory in your health is connected to your victory in another area of your life?

What if the discipline that improving your health requires is the same discipline you need to get your breakthrough in your:

  • Career/business
  • Finances
  • Family relationship
  • or your Faith?

After all, it is often a lack in one of those areas that causes the emotional distress that leads to overeating in the first place.

When you stop emotional eating, you give yourself a chance to address the root cause. Perhaps, there’s a relationship that needs to be mended or unforgiveness that is keeping you locked in a cycle of overeating.

Maybe it’s the void you feel because you’re not fulfilled in your career or you feel trapped doing something you don’t want to do to earn a living.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The emotional distress is a sign that a shift needs to occur.  Boredom is often an internal signal that you’ve been sitting on the sidelines instead of walking out your purpose.

In the past, I’ve let  boredom leave me feeling melancholy and discouraged.

As a result, I would throw a pity party with ice cream instead of listening to the Holy Spirit’s gentle nudging that tried to tell me that it was time do the work required to walk out God’s greater purpose in my life.

When I decided to take control of my health, God began to reveal things about my purpose that I had never consider before. When I gave my body a chance to heal and my brain fog a chance to dissipate I could hear His voice more clearly.

I received clarity about my career and business. I had more energy to make it through the day and to serve others.

I had a new capacity to think through my issues, rather than eat through them.

When I got intentional about my health, God removed the scales from my eyes that were blinding me to the enemy’s silent attack on my health.

I was awakened to satan’s strategy to keep me so fatigued and stressed out that he wouldn’t have to worry about being defeated by the greatness that God had already embedded within me.

It all makes sense now. The enemy doesn’t have to block our efforts to handle kingdom business when we’re too subdued to get off the sofa in the first place.

Finally, I could see the truth: the enemy secretly attacks our health so that we remain in a weakened state.

In this way, we never become a true threat to him. The greatness that Jesus said would allow us to do even greater exploits, could never be actualized.

Greatness in your DNA is just waiting for release when you no longer let unhealthy foods hinder you.

This greatness will provide the wisdom and strength that you’ll need to live your best life and fulfill those dreams God placed on the inside of you.

In Daniel 1:8, Daniel made a decision not to defile himself by eating the king’s rich foods.  By the end of just ten days, he “looked healthier and better nourished.”

Daniel 1:17 goes on to say, “God gave these four young men an unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature and wisdom…” –

That sounds like Daniel unlocked the greatness in his DNA and it showed in the way he looked and in his ability to think at a higher level.

This is what is in store when we get serious about eating right and giving our body what it needs.

If you are ready to begin or ramp up your efforts, here are 3 steps you can take today. This is what worked for me:

  1. Give yourself time to face your negative emotions. Pray and ask God to reveal the source and provide strategy for dealing with the issue. It may get a little uncomfortable at first, but once you finally process your emotions appropriately, you will feel the burden lift once and for all.
  2. Ask God to reveal the greater purpose that your health has been keeping you from walking in. When you get a vision of your best life, it will invigorate your will to stick to your healthy eating and fitness plan.
  3. Eliminate as many unhealthy foods from your eating habits as possible. I recommend starting with sugar and
    (depending on your food sensitivities) wheat products, simple starches such as corn and rice and unhealthy oils such as vegetable oil, corn oil and canola oil. Replace unhealthy oils with coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. Do this gradually, if you must, but I recommend you do it.

Getting healthy is about more than just losing weight and fitting into a smaller size. It’s about being made whole – physically, mentally, spiritually.

It is about making your temple a place where the Holy Spirit can dwell and provide the wisdom and strength you need to accomplish those amazing things God placed in your heart long ago.

About the Author:

Kiesha Easley is an educator, author and Christian health coach. She struggled with chronic fatigue and her weight for years. Finally, in 2017, she lost 75 pounds naturally. She became so inspired to help others that she wrote Worth the Weight to share her story and reveal the strategies she used. Now, she helps women who are struggling learn to make the mindset and spiritual shifts needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at: www.kieshaeasley.com