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Weight Loss Scripture Day 21: Guard your Mouth

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  • Stephanie Richardson says:

    What is a gravatar?
    My main comment is that I am really enjoying these Scriptures. I am chewing on them and God’s Word is Food also. After being a diabetic for several years my sugar has decided it wants to act up. I guess in the past I never really accepted the fact that I was a diabetic and did not eat accordingly. Now I am checking my sugar often trying to see what foods affect me and what foods don’t. I am having to really limit my carbs and what kind of carbs I put in my mouth. I covet your prayers. I know God wants me to get a grip on this and lean on Him daily. He is my all. I thank Him for what He has done for me in the past, what He is doing for me in the present and what He is going to do for me in the future. I just want to be an obedient servant with a heart tuned towards Him.

    • kimf says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Ha, ha – let me answer the gravatar question first…it is a picture that will appear beside your post instead of the white outlined figure that is showing up now on the right.In fact, you reminded me to set mine up! You can learn more here:

      You have my prayers concerning the diabetes. You will experience victory in this situation as you implement the wisdom God gives you about the foods that work well with your unique body chemistry. I too am sensitive to carbs and sugars, which is a bummer since I like to eat them. But like you, I had to face reality and stop ignoring the facts staring me in the face! And my life changed for the better when I did. I was even able to get off my high blood pressure medication when I did. My blood pressure is controlled without it.

      It sounds like you are on a good path, Stephanie. Stay on it and victory is yours!

  • Lori says:

    I am praying for God to guard my mouth and indeed I mean what comes out of it. I can be harsh. I don’t edify with my words I can cut deep. Above that even a worse situation for me is that I talk endlessly. I have anxiety so I do relate some of the chattiness to that.
    I am a good girl. In fact I am generous. I am able to overcome. I have lost over 100 lbs. I can control what goes into my mouth. I feel for you girls who struggle with weight and dieting. I too struggled for years with different diets. As you well know that leads to loss, then putting the weight back on and then some. I went to God with this telling Him I have no temperance asking Him what to do. In His infinite wisdom He simply told my heart to “Reduce Your Intake” Who knew? So simple and here I was making it so so hard. Guess what? I don’t have Big Bones!
    May God be the one to guide you all as well.
    Prayers, Lori

    • kimf says:

      Hi Lori – I think many of us have problems with controlling our tongues. I know I have said hurtful things in the past and regretted it later. That’s why my prayer is to be quick to listen but slow to speak. Yes, ensuring that you are eating the amount that your body requires and not eating to deal with emotional upsets is an important part of weight loss. I had to laugh at your comment about not having big bones! I can identify because for years when I was overweight, I used to tell myself that I was a “big girl”. Like you, I discovered that was not true. I was just using that to justify my big food portions! I praise God he has shown me the truth. I know you are thankful for the same.

      God bless you,


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